Monday, February 19, 2018

Zan, Jacob, and the Boss.

Six-month anniversary

 Jacob: The garage door won’t open?
Zan: I know (=
Jacob: Are you being evil?
Zan: In all the best ways, Baby!
Jacob: Should I leave?
Zan: Fuck no! Use the other garage.


   Confession, I’m having a mild heart attack. We may have two garages but we use one. All the tools and the car my father left me are in the second garage. I have the most amazing wife but she has boundary issues. I don’t love her in spite of them, I love her because of them. Her full heart, honesty, quirky, crazy self takes my breath away.
Slowly, the garage door opens and my heart stops. The tarp is off my Dad’s 1970 Mustang Boss 302. He bought the car so that one day he and I could restore it together. He died before I was old enough to start. She washed it. It looks shiny and new, a sweet gesture, but I don’t want her to touch it.
   “Zan, what are you doing?”
   “Giving you our anniversary present.” She links her hands behind her back swaying back and forth mischievously.
   “You needed to do that in here?”
   “Yep!” She approaches me slowly with sexy cat like prowess. “I decided to check out your car one day. I found your dads original plans for the two of you. He had already done the body work and had bought a ton of original parts. They were all in the trunk. I found a rolodex of business cards from parts dealers, friends, and other enthusiasts. Together we went through his plans and they walked me step by step through everything that needed to be done. We made a video diary. They shared stories about your dad along the way.”
I swallow hard. “You restored my Dad’s car?” It is the most beautiful and painful thing she has ever done for me. I should have been the one to restore it. How do I tell her I’m angry, when she spent all this time on a gift for me?
   “I did, but it isn’t what you think. I kept the video diary. I took everything apart and put it back where it was. You now have a step by step guide on how to restore the car, with a little help from me and antidotes from the people your dad looked up to. While you put this back together, you will learn who your dad was and all of his hopes for you. Chrissy helped me and she even spliced in photos of him in high school and college with the very guys that helped. Each video segment is two hours’ worth of work. Schedule your time accordingly.”
I have no words. This is the most thoughtful, beautiful thing, any person could do for me. I don’t need words for this. Pulling my beautiful wife to me, my fingers threading through her hair at the base of her neck, I kiss her like it’s the last time. I kiss her like it’s the first time. I kiss her with all the good stuff in the middle, because she is my everything.
   Placing her hand on my chest, she nudges me back a step. “But wait, there’s more.” She smiles that evil smile again. “I bought a second Boss. It’s at our cabin. Once you know how to restore this one, you can take care of that one with our son or daughter someday. I think your dad would be honored to have his tradition carried on.”
   I’m going to break into a million pieces if I don’t devour my wife right now. Since there is a gap between us, I use it to rip her shirt off over her head, and begin working on her pants. She lets out a sexy moan and asks, “Backseat?”
   Bending over to remove her shoes and pants, I lift her. “Fuck no!” I mean, what guy hasn’t fantasized about fucking a hot woman on the hood of a jaw dropping car? If you find him, it isn’t me. I lay her across the hood her hair splayed beautifully. She looks like one of those gas station calendar cover girls. “Tell Chrissy I want sexy pictures of you on this car. You are so fucking beautiful, Baby.”
   Running my fingertips up her legs I part them as I climb. What kind of a douche would I be if I didn’t stop and say hello to her fine pussy. “Hello sweetness.” I take my time with a slow, languid, lick. I’m not sure who moans louder. When Zan and I met she thought making noise during sex was embarrassing. Not anymore. I couldn’t be happier. I swirl my tongue in her opening, grabbing her wetness, and dragging it to her clit. Her body jolts at the excitement.
   “Oh, fuck yes, Jacob!”
   Her fingers dig into my hair and her back arches at the pleasure. I always make my wife come first. Sliding two fingers in her tight pussy, I begin that beckoning call. Milking that tiny bundle of nerves with a come-hither finger flick, causes her hips to gyrate. I am a fan of the triple play. My finger ravaging her, my tongue melts her, and my free hand reaches up to pinch and flick her nipple until she howls. She doesn’t just orgasm, she explodes, coming apart under my assault on her sweet body, panting my name through labored breaths. I drop my pants yanking her closer to me, sliding into her soaking pussy, I throw my head back with the relief, the pleasure, the awe of the beautiful woman under me. “Zan Marie, I will never tire of your perfect pussy.” I kiss her hungrily. “I love you sweetheart.”
   “I love you, too. You remember how angry you were when I said I restored your Dad’s car.”
   “Well yes, but I…”
   “Tap into that, and fuck me righteously, Jacob.”
Fuck she’s perfect. I pull out, flip her over, and slam back into her in one fluid motion. Taking a hold of her hips, I slam her body back on me with each thrust. No mercy, she asked for it. The way her body contracts, releases, and orgasms repeatedly at the harshness is hot. My girl knows what she wants and never refrains from asking for it. She throws her head back with a growl and I take a hold of her hair, yanking her back to me. I whisper in her ear.
   “Come for me again baby.” I cup her pussy rolling her clit between my fingers with one hand and tweaking her nipple with the hand I’ve released from her hair. “Come right fucking now beautiful.” Her pussy clamps down on my cock with a delicious grip. Fuck. My balls tighten, and the heat from my core violently expels into the heat of her. A pleasure so intense it is dizzying. I tighten my arms around Zan to keep her from collapsing. Kissing her neck, I murmur my praise and adoration. I am the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet.
   Reaching into the bottom drawer of the tool chest, I pull out a moving pad blanket. Wrapping us tightly, I open the door from the garage to the hallway. The coast is clear. Running to the elevator while fumbling over a giggling Zan, I hope we can make it up to our condo unseen. Confession, it would not be the first time Zan and I were caught misbehaving in the elevator. Most of the neighbors just shake their head at us.
   Once safely inside our home, I drop the blanket and carry my wife off to the shower. I’m nowhere near finished with her yet. I plan to suck, fuck, and kiss her into an oblivion tonight. After all, it’s our anniversary.

Until next time Loves,

Jacob and Zan are from InSanity.
Book 1 in the Circle of Sanity series.
Available in eBook and paperback on Amazon

(Kindle Unlimited)

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