Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Naughty Valentine

For my Valentine

Flowers, candy, stuffed animals… fuck that!
Standing in the pink and red isle of my local Target, I really have thought this through. Flowers die and stink. Candy is unhealthy, and stuffed animals are for children. I want my woman to know I plan to be here for longer than a few days. I want to take care of her and I am not her daddy. Who decided this was a good idea anyway? Greeting card companies needing some cash after Christmas created this holiday. I should leave this isle on principal, you know, stick it to the man! Running my fingers through my hair, I sigh. Sadly, I am not an asshole. If my girl wants to take pictures and flood her social media with giddy adoration, I had better be the man she wants to adore.
We haven’t been dating long enough for jewelry and if I could get away with a gift bag full of condoms and lube, I’d be all over that. Fuck! Maybe condoms and lube are just a step too far, but maybe if I bring it back a step… I grab condoms and lube anyway because, hello. I fill my basket instead with bath bombs, silk pajamas, strawberries, whip cream, cupcakes, and dial up my pizza app for todays heart shape pizza special. On my way to checkout I find a flameless candle display on an endcap. Huh, eh, what the hell I grab those too. The Valentine card I came in for just rang up to almost $120 and dammit if I didn’t forget the fucking card. I totally get that Target “look into my eye” meme, now. Once I go back for the card, the gift bag, and the thin colored paper you have to put inside the bag as punishment for not using wrapping paper I am free to pick up the pizza.

Nervously, I step inside her apartment hoping Netflix and pizza is romantic because I couldn’t get a reservation to save my life. Yes, men all across America plan their laziness. If you spring for a nice dinner, a drug store valentine gift is appropriate. If you work and go to school, like me, you can’t plan to be lazy. My lack of planning has me swallowing hard as I hand over the Target shopping spree, that I really can’t afford. “Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful.” I kiss her cheek. The way her face lights up when she takes the bag, makes everything worth it. God, she’s beautiful.

As soon as she unwraps all the trinkets from the obligatory colored paper, her genuine smile takes on a mischievous look. Dragging me and her treasures to the bathroom, she begins stripping on the way. Fuck yeah! Perched on the edge of the bathtub, she runs the water over her hand, feeling for the perfect temperature. Over her shoulder, her heated gaze lands on me. “You are wearing entirely too many clothes.” Would you look at that, I am. I don’t need to be told twice. I tear my clothes from my body as if they were on fire. From her seat on the bathtub’s edge, she eye fucks me head to toe with a lingering stare at my cock. He likes the attention and springs to life with a hearty "Hello!" Her nipples pebble, her breath catches, and thighs clench. Fuck that’s hot. She can take a bath after I get her dirty! Yanking her up from her pedestal, I crash my lips violently on hers. Hungrily, my tongue seeks out hers and as they tangle in a sensuous dance. My fingers grip her hair pulling her deeper into my kiss. She tastes sweet and the soft curves of her body fill the hard ripples of mine. Two perfect puzzle pieces. My cock twitches pressed against her abdomen causing her to groan. The mesmerizing sound makes me heady with need. Reaching back to the Target bag on the bathroom vanity, she breaks our kiss to pull out the box of condoms. Pretty fucking happy I got those because her bedside table is too far from here. With the foil packet between her teeth, she rips open the package and sheaths me with wanton urgency. I’m not complaining.
Grabbing her wrists, I press her to the bathroom door with a thud. I didn’t slam her hard enough to hurt her but her saucer size eyes let me know it was hard enough to get her attention. She bites down on her bottom lip, and I smirk at how turned on she appears. I plant my lips on the nape of her neck, kissing, sucking, and nipping my way down to her pretty tits. Keeping her hands suspended, I pull her pearled nipple into my mouth rolling it between my teeth. Fueled by her gasping and moaning, I suck, lick, and tease her until she is begging for my cock. I step back keeping her hands bound. Running a finger down the side of her face, to her chin, over her throat, across her collar bone, I whisper. “What do you want sweet thing?”
“Please, I want to come.”
“My good girl said ‘please?’ Too bad it’s my naughty girl that gets to play today.”
Giving her nipple a little pull, pinch, and twist the way she likes it; the way she does it to herself. She moans my name and it feels amazing to hear it roll out of her mouth on a pant. I push her bound hands tighter against the door while I run a single finger down the valley between her pretty tits. I see her chest rise and fall with her labored breathing as I trace her sternum over her belly button and to her pussy. At the first touch, her hips thrust toward me, and I use my hip to push and pin her back to the door while I slide my finger down her slit. “You are so fucking wet, baby.” Tracing the slickness, I thrust two fingers deep inside her and slide them in and out a few times; drawing her wetness out. Raising my glistening fingers to her hooded eyes, I drawl innocently. “Is this all for me, baby? Are you wet for me?” She throws her head back against the door moaning in frustration. “Look at me, Beautiful.” Her stare is pure lust and it makes my cock jump again. I take my fingers, still glistening, and shove them in my mouth. Slowly, I pull them out sucking every last bit of her off of them, until they leave my lips with an audible pop. “You’re fucking delicious.”
Returning my fingers to the slick heat of her perfect pussy, I separate her lips and dive my fingers back inside. Her hands are going to go numb soon with the pressure I use to keep them glued to the door. She begins to writhe and clench. “No, no, Sweetheart, you don’t come until I say you do.” She protests on a moan, but she is too aroused to form words. I like her like this. I tilt my fingers to find that spot that makes her lose her shit, and press down massaging the bundle of nerves while my thumb rubs circles into her clit. “Don’t come, Baby.”  I pull her nipple into my mouth and she bucks off the door fucking my hand. Her muscles clamp down on my fingers. A light sheen of sweat flushes her body while she tries to maintain control. It’s getting harder for her to not come apart. It’s clear she’s holding back. Time to let her fall. “Now, Baby, come for me.” I cover her mouth with mine, swallowing all of her screams as she lets go. My hand is covered in her come but before she can ride out the last waves of her orgasm, I drop her tethered hands and pull her legs around my waist slamming my cock into her. She cries out my name and tightens around my cock. Fuck that feels good. “How would you like me to fuck you, Baby?”
“Hard. I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to tear me apart. I want to feel your cock still hammering me a week later when you’re at work.” I gladly oblige.
By the time I finally let go and fill the condom, my cock deep inside her beautiful pussy, her whole body shakes with exhaustion. Holding her spent body to me, I lift her bridal style and place her gently in the now luke warm bathtub. I run the hot water attempting to warm it again for her. Once it’s warm, I drop in a bath bomb and kiss her forehead. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby. Relax while you can, because round two includes whip cream, and my face buried in that delicious pussy.” I strut out of the bathroom to prepare, and wink at her wide eyes over my shoulder.

Happy Valentines Day my naughty but nice readers.


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